University of Glasgow Staff Discount

University of Glasgow Staff Discount

Glasgow University logoWe are delighted to team up with Glasgow University to offer employees the following discount when they use one of our independent financial advisors to take out protection products:

1. We will give you back 1 month's worth of your premiums in cash.

2. We will also donate 1 month's worth of your premiums to one of our Scottish charity partners.

The protection services included in this promotion are:

- Life insurance (Term, mortgage and whole of life)
- Critical illness
- Over 50s/Funeral plan cover
- Income protection cover
- Private medical insurance
- General home and contents insurance

You can also take out joint protection policies including your partner with this promotion.

How to take part in this promotion

Simply fill out the form below and then click the "Get my advisor!" button. One of our independent financial advisors will be in touch with you to provide you a free protection consultation. Be sure to state on the phone with your advisor that you are claiming the staff discount promotion for protection services:

    If you have any further questions regarding this promotion, please feel free to ask your independent financial advisor when you receive your free telephone consultation after filling out the quick form at the top of the page.

    Why use an independent financial advisor for protection?

    There are a number of reasons why you should use an IFA to arrange protection for you, including:

    - They have access to the whole of the market, meaning they are not bound to having to provide you quotes from a certain pool of insurers.

    - An IFA is required to give you completely impartial and unrestricted advice, so you can rest assure that you are given the best level of protection at the best price point.

    - Knowing what protection you actually need, and how best to obtain it, can be very confusing. Our IFAs will give you a call and conduct a completely free consultation to make sure that any advice they give, and protection they arrange for you, is in your best interests. Everything will be clearly explained and you will be in good hands.

    - All our IFAs are fully FCA registered and have years of experience in advising people on the best levels of protection and at the best possible monthly premiums.

    The importance of having adequate protection

    Life and critical illness cover is something that a lot of us don’t like thinking about, but in the event that the worst does happen and you or a loved one end up with a critical illness and cannot work, or worse, pass away, then how would you or your family cope financially in that situation?

    It does not bare thinking about, as family is the most important thing in all of our lives, so by ensuring that you have the correct level of life and critical illness insurance in place means that you can have the absolute peace of mind that you are protected against these terrible events happening to you or your family.

    Even if you already have life and critical illness cover, it is worth speaking to an adviser to review it. It is estimated that three quarters of Scots have insufficient life and critical illness protection in place.

    The average cost of a funeral in the UK is now over £4,000, would your loved ones be able to cover this cost if the worst happened?

    By taking out an over 50s funeral plan you can have the peace of mind that your loved ones won't have to cover this vast expense, especially at a time when they will already be suffering emotionally with grief.

    No matter what type or level of protection you need, our experienced protection advisers will be able to give you the expert advice you need, as well as being able to get you the best possible cover for the lowest price.

    If you haven't already, simply fill out the form below then click the "Get my advisor!" button, it only takes a few seconds.




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