Referral Program

Referral Program

At Edinburgh IFA our mission is to get as many people as possible to take financial advice from our expert advisers to ensure that their finances are in order and working as hard as possible for them.

By taking expert financial advice on a number of aspects of your financial life at an early stage, it can literally be life changing and mean saving thousands of pounds over the course of a mortgage or making many thousands of pounds more per year from your pensions and investments.

We know that you want only the best for your friends and family, so we have decided to give you another good reason for referring your friends and family to us:

That's right, if you recommend a friend or family member to us, and they end up using the services of one of our expert financial advisers, we will reward BOTH of you with a £25 Amazon Gift Card!

What do you have to do?

It's really easy, you just have to tell your friends and family about us and the services we offer, and how we can help them potentially both save and make more money based on what they are already doing (More on that below...)

When your friend or family member meet with the adviser that we match them with, make sure they tell that adviser that it was you who referred them and that they pass on your name and email address to the adviser.

They will then make sure we get the information passed to us, and as soon as the adviser lets us know that your friend or family member has become a client, we will email the gift cards out to both of you as soon as possible. Simple as that!

So what services do our advisers offer?

The good news is that financial advisers actually offer valuable services and advice on more things than you may have first thought. Just click on the links below to find out why people should be using a financial adviser, you may be surprised just how much money a good financial adviser can make you over your lifetime...


This is a great place to start as almost everyone has at least one workplace pension, and often many, as a result of having changed employers throughout their career.

The sooner that people seek financial advice regarding the best way to invest their pensions the better, as the later they leave it, the less likely it is that an adviser can get them the best returns possible.

On average, people who use financial advisers to help invest their pensions properly end up making an additional £7,000 per year for each year they are retired, which over an average retirement length equates to over £150,000!

So, as you can see, it can really pay in the long run to get your pension advice sorted as early as possible to give yourself the best possible chance of having it work hard for you and provide you with the hassle free, relaxing retirement you deserve.


Again, something almost everyone will need at some point. The difference is, by using an independent financial adviser you will get access to the whole mortgage market.

What this means is that you can check against scores of different lenders to see who is offering the best deal and not just have to settle for whatever interest rate your bank is offering you (which is very unlikely to be the best option!).

People often have to renew their mortgage every couple of years, so this can be a great time to get an adviser to scan the market and find out what's the best deal available and potentially save your friends and family thousands of pounds.


Again, very important that you have the correct level of cover from these should the worst ever happen. As your circumstances change in life it's vital that you make sure that you still have the correct cover required too.

A good financial adviser will again be able to check the whole market and compare cover from scores of different providers to get you the best deal.

While some people do already have cover in place, if there have been any significant changes in their life recently (the arrival of a new child for example), then it will mean that their various covers will need to be reviewed.


We all know that since the interest rates plummeted that having money in the bank these days is pretty much a big waste of time.

Our IFAs can give expert advice on the best ways to invest your money in the bank to make it actually work for you instead of just sitting in your bank account gathering dust and doing nothing.


When it comes to inheriting money or property from a loved one who has unfortunately passed away, there can be complex legal and tax arrangements that need to be understood and addressed.

Our experienced financial advisers will be able to walk you through this process from start to finish and make sure that you are getting the most from your inheritance and in the most tax efficient manner.


Undertaking the decision to release equity from your home is not one that should be taken lightly, and if you don't fully understand what you are doing, you could end up regretting it.

We have heard of some real horror stories in the past of people who have tried to go through this process their self and ended up with absolutely terrible outcomes.

We highly recommend anyone who is going to do this takes the necessary advice first and lets one of our advisers make sure it is done properly and they are not being ripped off.


With the NHS struggling with more and more cuts from the government, waiting times going up and general levels of care dwindling, some people like to know that should the worst happen that they can receive top quality care from a private medical facility.

The big benefit of the private health insurance options our advisers can provide is that is you already enjoy things like going to the gym, drinking Starbucks and going to the cinema, then the additional benefits from taking out private health insurance often covers the cost of the premiums anyway.

So, this is definitely one to tell your friends to get in touch with one of our advisers about as the additional perks alone are great!


The cost of funerals has gone through the roof in recent years. In the UK, the average funeral now costs somewhere in the region of £6,000! A lot of people do not want to have to burden their ones with this cost when they pass and choose to set up a plan which they pay a small monthly amount in to.

This gives them the peace of mind that when the time does come, their grieving loved ones will have one less thing to have to worry about at what is the hardest of times.

That about covers most of the general services our expert advisers cover, but of course each service has many sub services and areas of expertise. That is why we have a network of advisers with varied skill sets and expertise that we can match to our clients.


1. Social Media

The easiest way possible is to share our website with your friends on your social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. If you don't already like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, then why not! 🙂 If you are on Facebook and/or Twitter then follow the instructions below to find us:

* Click here to visit our Facebook page and then click like. Click here to visit our Twitter page and then click the 'Follow' button. *

You can now share our Facebook page and Twitter profile with your friends. However, it may be even easier to just post a status or tweet about our website on your profiles.

If you also include the link to our website when doing this (, then it means your friends and family can click on the link and be taken directly to our website to find out more and even book a free consultation.

2. Share Your Experience with Friends and Family

You are probably thinking this is not exactly rocket science, and you'd be right. However, by far the most effective way of getting your friends and family to sort out their financial affairs is to speak to them about it and impart some of the knowledge you have gained from your own experience with your adviser.

It never surprises us just how many people have no idea how to get the most out of their pension for example, or just go with the bank that they have a current account with to get a mortgage even though there will be dozens of much better deals out there, or have insufficient life and critical illness cover.

These are all really important things that can potentially save or earn your friends and family tens of thousands of pounds over their lifetime.

3. Persistence

Number 3 is not an alternative method, but it is the most important thing to bear in mind when you are trying to help your friends and family out. Remember that people tend to put things like this off and tell their self that they will eventually get around to doing it.

People also have really busy lives and will forget that they were planning to get in touch with us to book their free consultation. By regularly posting our link on your social media and reminding your friends and family about us, it means that they will be far more likely to take action and get in touch with us to help them.

If not just to help your friends and family out and make sure that they are putting their self in the best financial position possible, then at least remember that for your good work you will be earning those £25 gift cards for every referral you send our way.

We truly believe it's our duty to make sure as many people as possible in Edinburgh get the financial advice and assistance they need to ensure that they are getting as much value as possible from what they have, regardless of their wealth or situation.

We really hope that you get on board and convince your friends and family to make the same great decision you made to let one of our experienced advisers guide them down the path that is going to be most beneficial to them.

So, what are you waiting for, go and get sharing with your friends and family! 🙂












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