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    Financial Advisor Tollcross

    Are you looking for an independent financial advisor in Tollcross that you can trust? If so, you've come to the right place.

    We've partnered with the most trusted, experienced, impartial, fully FCA regulated, independent financial advisors in Tollcross.

    Watch our quick video below to see how one of our Tollcross financial advisors can help you with all your financial needs:



    By using an experienced independent financial advisor, you will be able to get whole of market access and full comparison between all the deals available.

    This means you can see in simple terms what deal is going to be the best for you in terms of repayments and whatever other features you require to suit your needs.


    financial advisor Edinburgh

    Our financial advisors cover all areas of Tollcross.

    Postcodes covered in Tollcross:


    Financial advice services provided in Tollcross:

    • Pension advice
    • Mortgage advice
    • Wealth management
    • Life insurance
    • Investment management
    • Private health insurance
    • Asset management
    • Funeral plans
    • Inheritance tax advice

    You can learn more about all the different financial services our advisors offer here: Financial Advisor Edinburgh.

    Do you offer home appointments in Tollcross?

    Yes, our financial advisors will be happy to meet you wherever suits you best in Tollcross. Whether that be in the comfort of your own home, at your office or a local coffee shop.

    Also, prior to arranging a face to face meeting you should speak to your financial advisor on the phone first to discuss your needs and have a brief chat.

    Do you offer free consultations in Tollcross?

    Yes, all our financial advisors offer free initial consultations. This means that you can speak to them on the phone, explain your situation and ask all the questions that you need answering.

    If you then feel that the financial advisor we have matched you with is right for you, then you can arrange to meet in person to discuss your needs further.

    Again, this initial face to face consultation will be at no charge to you and you will be under no obligation to use the advisor’s services if you do not think it is right for you.

    Looking for somewhere to meet your financial advisor in Tollcross?

    If you'd rather meet your Tollcross financial advisor for a tea or coffee in a relaxed setting, there are plenty of quiet coffee shops to pick from in Tollcross. Here's our favourite:

    KONJ Cafe - 67 Home Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9JP

    Living in Tollcross

    Tollcross, situated in the heart of Edinburgh, is an area steeped in rich history and bursting with contemporary vibrancy. This neighbourhood, known for its blend of historical charm and modern flair, has a unique character that distinguishes it from other Edinburgh neighborhoods.

    Historically, Tollcross was a significant junction where tolls were collected from travelers entering the city. This historical significance is subtly echoed in its name. In the 19th century, the area underwent significant transformations, evolving from a semi-rural periphery into a bustling urban center. The remnants of its industrial past, like the old rubber factory, add a distinct flavor to the area's architectural tapestry, juxtaposing with the modern housing and commercial buildings.

    One of Tollcross's most notable features is the clock at the intersection of its main roads. This iconic landmark, often referred to as the "Tollcross Timepiece," has stood as a silent witness to the area's evolution, from a toll collection point to a vibrant urban hub. The clock is not just a functional timepiece but a symbol of the area's enduring character.

    Culturally, Tollcross is a melting pot. The King's Theatre and the Cameo Cinema, one of the oldest in Scotland, offer diverse entertainment options, from classic films to contemporary plays. The area's culinary scene is equally eclectic, featuring a range of cuisines that reflect its diverse population.

    Green spaces like the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links offer residents and visitors a serene escape from the urban hustle. These parks, rich in history themselves, are popular for leisurely strolls, picnics, and sports.

    Tollcross's unique blend of history, culture, and modernity makes it a microcosm of Edinburgh itself. Its streets, lined with shops and cafes, are frequented by a mix of students, professionals, and tourists, each drawn to its unique charm and vibrant atmosphere. This area embodies the spirit of Edinburgh, where the past and present coexist harmoniously, creating a dynamic and inviting community.

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      Our Tollcross Financial Advisors...


      Our financial advisors are experienced and well versed in all aspects of financial planning.


      Every single one of our financial advisors are FCA approved.


      We have many, many happy customers who happily refer us to their friends and family.


      You can easily contact us and your adviser once matched so you are never in the dark.

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      100% Satisfaction Guarantee

       At Edinburgh IFA, all our financial advisers are experts with many years of experience under their belt. However, if for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the adviser we have matched you with, then we promise we will find another adviser to assist you.

      Also remember that there is absolutely no obligation that you have to use the services of any adviser we match you with after you have had your free initial consultation.

      What Our Current Clients Say

      "I always knew I needed to seek financial advice and I always knew I needed to use an independent financial adviser so the advice I was receiving was completely impartial and unbiased.

      I found Edinburgh IFA when searching Google and from start to finish the experience has exceeded my expectations.

      The adviser they matched me with had 8 years of experience in the industry and a vast knowledge when it came to pensions and investments, he also got me so many additional benefits that I would never have known about without his advice. I couldn't be happier with the service provided."

      Keith - Leith, Edinburgh

      "Edinburgh IFA made it really easy to find me the most suitable Edinburgh financial adviser for my specific needs.

      Was quick and easy, and after completing the quick form on their website, I got a call back from the adviser almost straight away.

      Would recommend them to anyone looking for an independent financial adviser in Edinburgh."

      Mark - New Town, Edinburgh

      "The financial advisor Edinburgh IFA provided me with did a great job in taking me through my pension options step by step and clearly explaining everything every step of the way.

      I would not hesitate to recommend Edinburgh IFA to friends and family if they needed independent financial advice."

      Anne - Loanhead, Edinburgh

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