Edinburgh IFA Charity Protection Initiative

Edinburgh IFA Charity Protection Initiative

financial adviser Edinburgh charityWe are excited to announce that we have teamed up with a number of charity partners in Scotland with the aim of raising money to donate to them for the foreseeable future.

The best part is that you, our valued clients, can play your part in making these donations possible, at no extra cost to you, just by using our advisers to get the best possible deal on your protection products.

Whether you are a new, or existing client, and use one of our expert, FCA regulated, financial adviser partners to find you the best deal and cover for any protection product... We will donate the equivalent of 1 month's worth of your monthly premiums to one of our Scottish charity partners!

So you get the best possible deal and cover amount on your protection AND you get the nice warm feeling inside of knowing that we will donate the equivalent of 1 month's worth of your monthly premium to an amazing cause.

To take part in this initiative and get a free consultation from one of our expert advisers, simply fill out the form below then click the "Get my advisor!" button, it only takes a few seconds.

    What protection products can you take out with Edinburgh IFA advisers?

    Our fully independent financial advisers can get you the best coverage at the best price on the following personal and business protection products:

    Personal protection

    - Life insurance
    - Critical illness insurance
    - Over 50s/Funeral cover
    - Income protection insurance
    - Private medical insurance
    - General home and contents insurance

    Business protection

    If you are a business owner you can run all the above personal protections through your business for tax efficiency, speak to one of our advisers to learn more about that.

    However, our advisers can also get you the best deals and coverage on the following business protection products:

    Executive Income protection

    If you have to take time off work due to an accident, or sickness, then an executive income protection policy will kick in and pay you between 50%-70% of your salary.

    Key Person cover

    This covers protects against a key person in the business passing away, as profit can be affected if that person is key to the business. Essentially a life cover policy taken out on the key person to pay out and assist the business in their absence.

    Relevant life cover

    Life cover for directors or any relevant person in the business.  Often used as a death in benefit service.

    Critical illness cover

    You can also take out critical illness cover on any of your employees in the business.

    Business loan protection

    This is cover taken out to protect any loans or liabilities. Also, should a shareholder pass away, the income/profit may be affected so any loans can be cleared with the insurance (life cover).

    Group cover (for businesses with 10+ employees)

    If you have 10 or more employees, you can take out a group cover protection policy. This means that you can provide all your employees with life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection (or all 3!) at a much cheaper rate per head than doing each individually. It is an excellent benefit to offer your staff.

    If you haven't already, simply fill out the form below then click the "Get my advisor!" button to arrange a free consultation with one fo our expert advisers.


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      "BRILLIANT SERVICE. Would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable IFA in Edinburgh"

      - James Finlay, Edinburgh

      Terms and Conditions

      - This initiative is open to every individual resident in the UK over the age of 18 and any business based in the UK.

      - To take part in this initiative, you must fill out one of the contact forms on this page, or call us on 0131 564 1940 and state that you are interested in taking part in the charity protection initiative.

      - If you would like your donation to go to one of our specific charity partners, please make this clear to your adviser when you are dealing with them. If you don't specify a particular charity, then your initiative contribution will go in to our central donation pot to be split evenly between all our partner charities.

      - By taking part in this initiative, you are agreeing to give your financial adviser permission to share the monthly premium of your policy with Edinburgh IFA so that we can correctly attribute the correct amount of money to our partner charities as part of this initiative.

      - This initiative cannot be used in conjunction with any other initiatives or promotions offered by by Edinburgh IFA, like the refer a friend program for example.

      - There are no restrictions on the number of protection products you can obtain as part of this initiative.

      -This offer is available until further notice. Edinburgh IFA staff are not eligible for this offer.

      - Edinburgh IFA reserves the right to amend, vary or cancel these terms and conditions or to withdraw this promotion at any time. Edinburgh IFA also reserve the right to remove the benefits from those who abuse the promotion.

      -  By participating in this promotion you are giving us permission to acquire the sum of your monthly protection payments so that we can subsequently pass on 1 month's worth of that figure to our charity partners. If you have taken advantage of this promotion, you also accept that we release this sum of money to our charity partners only after you have consistently, without cancellation or missed payments, continued to pay the premiums for all your protection products obtained from one of our advisers for a period of 12 months. The reasons for this is to avoid abuse of the promotion and also to cover our partner financial advisers from any losses stemming from abuse of this promotion.

      - The promoter of this offer is Edinburgh IFA, 25/3 Newhaven Main Street, Edinburgh, EH6 4NB.

      - Edinburgh IFA reserve the right to change the terms and conditions for this promotion at any time.